Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Call for Presentations for YAPC::NA::2010

YAPC::NA::2010 is just around the corner. (Well, inasumuch as something 18 weeks away is "around the corner.") Last week, I met with Heath Bairh and the other organizers and took the position of speaker liaison. So, I should probably talk some about what we're looking for.

YAPC::NA::2010 is going to be about "Modern Perl 5". We believe that Perl 5 is a vibrant and living language with many uncharted places it can go. Perl 6 is going to be great, but we can't wait until Christmas for Perl 6.

So, we're looking for presentations about Perl 5 in all of its modern glory. Whatcha got?

You'll need to register (or login) to the YAPC::NA::2010 website, then after registering for the conference, you can submit your CFP. The window closes March 31, 2010 at midnight GMT.

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